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experienced cyclist.

My name is Sebastian, I’m an experienced ultra-cyclist and founder of cyclistories. I attended many events and found that media content is the only one thing I have to show my children (except for trophies). I always like to go back to these cycling events by looking at the photos and videos taken along the way (even if I’m not playing the major role). All the emotions, from easy to difficult moments, deserve to be captured in a film for the future.

Let’s stand out from the crowd and create a memorable film on our next cycling event!

Behind Handlebars makes us unique.

RAW 4K Files for you!

No matter how great the video you created today, tomorrow you can always have new ideas. We’re providing you with access to the unedited original high-quality content we shoot. These files are very useful to engage your followers on Instagram or TikTok. But have you ever wondered how to attract new partners later on for your up-and-coming event? Maybe with a special video created later, huh?


Choose the video format and style that fits your needs…

… or choose by cycling event type

For every type of cycling event, we provide an extra service: maintaining your social media accounts during the event, for free!

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Well-planned shooting time, sense of the subject and wonderfully captured frames during our meeting ultimately resulted in an interview which I am very pleased with.

I highly recommend cyclistories!


Thanks to cooperation with cyclistories, a very interesting report from our event was created. Recording the interviews went very smoothly, and participants could show their families and friends a video of the event they were a part of.

It was worth it!


I participated in an event captured by cyclistories on camera. When I saw the final result I was delighted with the quality. All the memories came back, so it makes me ready for my next cycling adventure!

Great job!

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